The Easiest Way To Do Dry January - One Enlightening Day At A Time

The Easiest Way To Do Dry January – One Enlightening Day At A Time

Today is day one! It’s January 1st, 2020 and if ever there was a first day of the rest of your life, this is it! But what about tomorrow? January 2nd 2020? Will Dry January feel as good tomorrow? Or what about January 8th?  How will you cope then?  Stop!!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you complete a marathon? One step at a time.

Most achievements happen gradually, with much hard work and determination and Dry January is an achievement of epic proportions. The easiest way to do Dry January is to take it one day at a time.

We’re only dealing with today. Tomorrow will take care of itself and THAT is the easiest way to do Dry January.

Treat Dry January like an advent calendar. You open todays date and see what’s inside. Today is going to be a relatively simple ‘day one’. No drinking. End of.

All you have to do today is go about your normal routine in the same way you usually would apart from one thing – you won’t be drinking alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy. It’s just the easiest way I know. 

Set An Intention At The Start Of Each Day

Every morning, before you do anything else you must set your intention for the day. You can do this while sitting on the toilet, brushing your teeth or if you have time, in a quiet space as part of a meditation. 

Close your eyes and make a promise. Offer your intention up to wherever feels right for you: the universe, your God or just to yourself. Say something like: 

Today I will not drink alcohol. I give myself over to life and whatever it brings. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to grow.

One Trigger At A Time

Really, it’s the triggers that you need to get through. Triggers are the moments that make you automatically think about drinking. These could be something like.

  • Putting the kids to bed
  • Cooking dinner
  • Business lunch
  • Dinner in a restaurant
  • Receiving bad news
  • A celebratory occasion

Identifying your triggers and planning for them will massively help you to beat them. Here are some alternatives you could plan to do in order to bypass the triggers.

  • Do some exercise every day when you would normally have your first drink
  • Stock up on alternatives such as alcohol free beer and flavoured tonic
  • Be the designated driver at any social event
  • Go for a brisk walk when stress comes your way
  • Just knowing what your triggers are will massively help you to avoid any slip ups
The Easiest Way To Do Dry January One Day At A Time
I love me a Heineken 0.0

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back At The End Of Each Day

Everyday you get into bed and your didn’t have a drink is a small miracle and major achievement. Especially on the days you really struggled. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself. 

If you are a note keeping type of person than write a few lines at the end of each day. The realisations about your drinking should come thick and fast. Maybe not in the first week but once you get some distance between yourself and your old habit. Here are some things that might strike you at various stages throughout January:

  • You don’t need alcohol to laugh
  • Alcohol was making your memory worse
  • A lot of people drink way too much
  • Mornings are so much better without a hangover
  • Alcohol is way more addictive than you realised
  • You feel so much better without alcohol
  • You have way more time on your hands now you don’t drink

Talk To Someone

You may be doing Dry January because you just wondered if you could and hopefully you will find it nice and easy. Or you might be about to embark on a white knuckle ride of craving and self doubt. If you fit into the latter category then join the club. Let me tell you, if you can see this through you are about to discover a world of enlightenment and freedom. I almost envy you that journey, rocky though it may be. 

Whatever type of drinker you are, we all need someone to talk to. I always recommend AA because it was simply the most powerful tool I found. Meetings are happening every day, all over the world. They are genuinely anonymous, non-judgmental places where you can go and just listen to other people’s experiences if you don’t wish to share. 

A partner, family member or close friend can offer you immense encouragement and support. If you are lucky enough to have those sorts about you then fill them in on what you’re up to because that sort of accountability can really help.

There are also loads of online forums you can join. Just take a look on Google and Facebook. Also, Alcohol Change UK have a tonne of resources to keep you motivated.

Keep Coming Back To Today

I repeat, it’s just for today. Don’t think about tomorrow or the next day or next week. Every time your mind wonders into the murky future, remind yourself that you are just doing today. It is the easiest way I know to achieve anything.

Now go, Dry January heroes and smash it. I salute you all!!

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