Going alcohol free? You are so hip!

Going alcohol free? You are so hip!

So you’re doing a dry month and you have already successfully completed a tonne of dry firsts – a Saturday night, a working week and several dry evenings. You’re smashing it! But do you know what’s better than all of that? You are riding a super woke alcohol-free wave and you are officially hip.

Drinking is so last decade. Only boomers think it’s cool to brag about their hangovers. Sobriety is the new rock and roll. Welcome, my friend, to the next level!

You are more relevant than ever

We’re in great company too. In the last couple of years we have welcomed some big names to our ranks: Brad Pitt, Kate Moss and Keith Richards to name three. Booze gurus! The very epitome of cool. 

Brad Pitt said last week that everyday since quitting drinking has been happier. Kate Moss, PKA ‘the tank’, has never looked more ravishing and is it even possible to find a human being more cool than Keith Richards? Yes! Sober Kieth Richards. 

Don’t even think about feeling like the odd one out at a party. The fastest growing sector of the UK drinks industry is alcohol free beer. You can now buy alcohol free alternatives in all supermarkets and most pubs and restaurants. Not drinking alcohol is huge business and you are the beating heart of a new breed of consumer forcing drinks producers to rethink and get creative.

You’re not odd, you’re more relevant than ever!

You are way ahead of the game

Mental wellbeing is paramount and you get that more than most. It’s one of the reasons you chose to rethink your drinking. Look around at all the people still trashing their self esteem with liquid confidence. They are still under the alcohol spell and can’t see the negative feedback loop they are trapped in. You’re ahead of the game and everyday from here on in you will reap greater rewards.

It’s not just your mind that’s breathing a huge sigh of relief. Your body is currently rewiring itself to start improving all its functions now that it’s not fighting to stay on top of the poison you were feeding it. Your liver is finally able to do its real job of metabolising fat and improving your immune system. Glowing skin and reduced puffiness has always been a great look!

You parent like a boss

Anne Hathaway gave up drinking in order to be a better mother. While some parents remain slaves to ‘mummy wine culture’ she is taking that idiotic concept out with the trash and reclaiming her relationship with her child. It’s this sort of self-awareness that forces change and change is so often where the best stuff happens.

If you are a mum or dad then you’re leading the way in a new dawn of real parenting. You are modelling authentic living and embracing the highs and lows of that journey. Trust me, it is so much better without alcohol!

You made a choice to change

You are not a lemming or a drone or a minion. The easiest thing to do in life is to go along with the crowd and do as everyone else does. But you didn’t do that. You paused while everyone else rushed past you to the bar and you questioned your relationship with alcohol and that’s the coolest part. You chose to think and then you made a change.

You’re part of a movement

If you want to enhance your drinking options then one great place to go this month is Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival. I went last year and aside from discovering a world of delicious alternatives to booze I met loads of other hip people, just like you, who also decided to make this change. Get yourself to Brick Lane in London and bathe in the coolness of your excellent Iife choices!

Club soda mindful drinking festival
You will meet other hip non drinkers just like you!

You’re so hip!

So before you doubt your decision to quit the booze, whether it’s for a month or forever, remember how bloody great you are for arriving at this point. You are a super cool, trend-setting, woke, awesome, alcohol free guru. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and be proud of what you have achieved because sobriety is the new rock n roll!