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Voice of Calm Magazine celebrates mindful living and all the things that really make our hearts sing!

We all have a Voice of Calm: an inner wisdom that knows the answers. We want to celebrate the victory of inner calm over the constant distraction of modern living. And if you don’t think you know that inner calm then we’re here to help you.

As a society we are so programmed to over-indulge while ignoring basic self-care. Our lives can become physically and mentally toxic and we risk crashing.

Mindful living is an ongoing journey. It is not something that once completed never has to be reviewed. We are constantly learning and growing but true happiness lies within us, not outside of us.

Voice of Calm is a place of inspiration and shared insight. A place to stay for a while, look around and visit regularly to refuel your spirit.

If you would like to write for Voice of Calm or if you just want to get in touch then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.